About us

East Brandywine Baptist Church Teen Ministry (ebbcTEENS) exists to glorify God by partnering with parents as they disciple their teens.  In other words, we want to care for the souls of our teens.  We want to see them turn to Christ by faith and grow in relationship with God by the work of the Spirit in them.  We want to see them become more and more like Jesus.  We know that God has given this responsibility first to parents and we are honored to come alongside parents as they lead their teens.  Therefore, our leaders work to connect with parents so they can better minister to our teens.  We also strive to build positive relationships with teens by playing games, showing up and providing a safe and caring community where teens can learn through the teaching of God’s word and share in the comfort of small groups.  If you are a teen in 6-12th grade, we’d love for you to join us!

Small Groups

During a portion of Youth Group, students are placed into grade and gender divided small groups.  Our youth leaders use this time to create a fun, prayerful and safe environment where students can grow in the faith and challenge one another in their spiritual development.  Students should expect to do ice breakers, play games and have fun.  They should also expect to reflect on the lesson and consider how to apply the Word of God to their lives.

Sunday Class

During the Classes hour on Sundays, 6-12th graders are invited to join the ebbcTEENS class which will meet in the gym.  *Teens are also welcome in the adult classes.


Youth Group


6th-12th graders


Wednesday Nights from 6:00-8:00PM


Drop off and Pick-up are at the gym; left side entrance to the church


6-6:20PM- Open Gym
6:20-7:00PM-  Praise/Lesson
7:00PM-  Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers are separated. One goes into a Small Group time while the other does a Game and then they switch at 7:30PM.
8:00PM- Dismissed from gym


Second Saturday Events (SSE)

Most months we have an event on the 2nd Saturday of the month. SSE’s range in purpose from outreach to community building to service projects.  Please sign up for our email list for more information about our monthly events.


If you are considering checking out our youth group or have any questions feel free to email Pastor Matt Ostrow at mostrow@ebbcpa.org

 *If you come to visit be sure to fill out one of our connection cards so we can send you a gift to say thanks for visiting.

Let’s be social!

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