Our missions team is comprised of: John Hofbauer, Lucille Jackson, Kit Trumbower, Tai Yeoh, Doug Blow. Pastor Joe B. and Don Lambert. They oversee the congregational support and encouragement of our missionaries as they share God’s good news abroad and at home.

Prayer Suggestions for Missionaries

  • For them to stay focused on God & his plans above all else
  • That God will open doors of ministry, blessing partnerships & friendships
  • That the Spirit will provide them with words that communicate effectively in other cultures & languages
  • For strength, stamina & safety as missionaries encounter antagonistic spiritual forces
  • That God will provide times of peace & relaxation to refresh his workers. Pray for their families
  • That God will encourage them with the knowledge that people back home care about their emotional well-being.

How to Encourage Missionaries

  • PRAY for them! READ their prayer letters & notice what their needs and requests are. Pray for their family, their children & their Christian walk
  • Send a letter or email of encouragement
  • Adopt a missionary & their family—remember them on holidays, birthdays & other special occasions. Send a card or small gift: music CD’s, candy, journals, stamps, toiletries, pictures, etc.
  • Keep them informed on what’s going on in your life. Send a local newspaper or a favorite book. Keep them connected
  • Send surprise care packages at random times of the year.


Stateside Address:
320 Galway Dr
West Chester, PA 19380

Al and Melissa are involved in an underground church in a closed country. Their work is church planting, evangelism and discipleship among the college students of national believers.

Prayer Requests
  • Safety in travels
  • Meeting & talking with new students
  • Opportunities to disciple new students and that God will work in their hearts
  • Wisdom to build up potential church leaders & student leaders
  • That God will help them provide right information & use contacts to help them in next step of starting a new business.


(Emma, Kara, Micah, Anna, Julia,
Isaiah, Joshua)

Bill, Denise and their children, living in Perm, Russia, work alongside Russian churches for church planting & leadership training where they teach and encourage the people to spread the gospel.

Prayer Requests
  • Prayer for the new church building and raising up biblical leaders within the church
  • Pray for the country and for a change in legislation, protecting Christians as they share the Gospel
  • Pray for the men in rehab and that God will continuing in their lives
  • Pray for the new church plant and God to hand pick the team
  • Kids’ relationship with Christ


(Nandry, Boaz, Asher)

Nathan, Laurel and family serve the Lord in a remote Cameroon, Africa village where they work with the Baka people building relationships, while helping them with their daily needs and sharing the gospel with them.

Prayer Requests
  • Momentum and wisdom as the Baka Training Center project completes dorms and a classroom
  • Classes to start by the end of 2017
  • Baka church as they address issues of drug and alcohol addiction (even among believers), that they can help, encourage, and offer a source of hope to the larger community  

Sanjay & Keren Dalavai

(Faith, Grace, Paige)
BCM International
sdalavai@lcmintl.org, kdalavai@lcmintl.org

Sanjay, a native of India, educated in the US, was introduced to Christian camping through Camp Sankanac. He and Keren’s vision is to reach children through Christian camping in India. Sanjay, Keren and their three daughters make their home in Ephrata, PA.

Prayer Requests
  • For His protection on their marriage & their children’s walk in the Lord.
  • That God’s word will continue to transform campers lives & bring about real life change
  • Their team in India, Nepal and the US, as they serve in various capacities
  • Their on-going financial needs, as the camping ministry continues to grow
  • More personnel in India and an assistant for Sanjay here in the US
  • Grace’s continual healing following accident
  • For Faith as they look to God for His will & provision for college
  • Middle daughter Paige as she tackles middle school & desires to be a light. 

Jack & June Landis

(Hannah, Caleb, Rebekah)
Child Evangelism Fellowship of Eastern PA

Jack serves as director of the Chester County CEF, a faith ministry dedicated to the task of reaching children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ministries include: Good News Clubs, backyard Bible clubs (5-day clubs), Day camps (Camp Good News & Kiddie Camp) & the Summer Missionary Program.

Prayer Requests
  • Pray that God will burden the hearts of more people around the county to go with CEF teams into the public schools to share the gospel with children in the After School Good News Clubs.
  • Pray that Camp Good News (grades 2-6) & Kiddie Camp (4yr. olds—1st grade) will reach many kids each summer.
  • For God’s continuing hand of protection, direction & provision for the ministry & for the Landis family.



Jared, Naldy and their children serve in Chile, South America. Their work is to connect Chilean churches to church planting through camp ministries. They are currently working on a Camp and Church Planting Center, starting from the ground up.  

Prayer Requests
  • Funds to buy land to build camp
  • Build the camp & church planting center
  • Additional monthly support needed
  • House
  • Gospel Tracts in Spanish
  • High quality digital projector
  • Funds to replace car hood
  • Money to upgrade to diesel minivan

Randy & becky

AIM Air/Moody Aviation (USA)
rgromlich@moody.edu, bgromlich@gmail.com

Randy & Becky live in the Spokane, WA area. Randy works on airplane maintenance and trains students in aircraft mechanics. The aircraft are used as transportation support for missionaries throughout the world.

Prayer Requests
  • God’s wisdom and peace
  • Randy’s health
  • Direction for their children
  • Forrest & Melissa, their son & daughter-in-law
  • Thane’s healing & then a job
  • Provision for medical needs & support
  • Becky’s health
  • The joy of the Lord 

Maria gusmão &
Antonio Mota

BCM, International (Recife, Brazil)

Maria Gusmao works with the street kids where she provides a safe environment for them to come be exposed to Bible study & evangelism. She & her team also have camp ministries for the kids. Maria travels to remote areas with other workers to spread the gospel.

Prayer Requests
  • Antonio & Maria’s Marriage
  • Protection in traveling
  • Camp season preparations
  • Praise the Lord for our new teacher Marisa who is teaching the Bible to the kids in public schools here in Recife.
  • Slum kids and their struggling families 

Names Unavailable

Global Access Partnership
taiwanisf@gmail.com, busforvn2@gmail.com

This couple serves in a sensitive area of Asia through ABWE Global Access Partnership (GAP). They work with indigenous Christians in spreading the gospel in this largely unreached area, through training resources, materials and emergency relief. One also writes gospel tracts and works in student ministries.

Prayer Requests
  • Many different language versions of the tract, The Ancient Path, are needed as God opens more doors to “restricted countries in SE Asia.
  • Funds to print the tracts are needed
  • God will continue to open more restricted countries

John & Gail Hutchinson

Wycliffe Bible Translators (USA)

John is Wycliffe Corporation Secretary & a Resource Coordinator for personnel services & encouragement. Gail plans to have her Doctor of Ministry soon. Her program is focused on development of appropriate care resources to enhance spiritual well-being of missionaries facing difficult or complex transitions.

Prayer Requests
  • Continue to pray for John, Gail, and the family (Sue, Hudson & Evie) as they mourn the loss of Skyler, Sue’s oldest son, & John & Gail’s grandson
  • Safe traveling mercies throughout the year
  • John as he continues efforts in transferring Wycliffe teams to new RC’s

Mark & Shannon Fodale

(Jordan, Laura, Rebekah)
Disciple Makers (USA) fodalem@dm.org 

Mark serves as Overall Director with Disciple Makers, whose ministry is to spread the gospel to college students.  His primary college is Lafayette in Easton, PA.  Mark trains student leaders, staff candidates and other staff members.  Mark and family are shown to the left celebrating their daughter’s marriage!

Prayer Requests
  • The ministry will expand to reach some campuses that have no Christian witness; satellite campus of Penn State, a Catholic university, a private college in PA, and a local community college.
  • God would open hearts to the gospel!
  • God will provide additional workers
  • Non-Christians in their Bible study.

Lanty & tammie moss

Awana (USA)

Lanty and Tammie are Awana missionaries to the New York/Penna. Region and western Maryland.  They minister to churches that run Awana clubs and also help to develop new clubs.   

Prayer Requests
  • Pray for churches who are seeing declining attendance from the children
  • Pray for commitment from adults to serve in ministry to children
  • Pray for these churches to reignite their passion for children’s ministry
  • For safety in traveling as they visit and present at Awana churches and club visits.

Jeff & deb murphy

tcomurph@yahoo.com, lilmurph3@gmail.com

 Jeff and Deb are part of the Call Outdoors ministry through BCM, Int. at Camp Sankanac. The ministry involves evangelism through hunting seminars & game dinners which include video presentations & hunting devotionals. Jeff is also part of the maintenance staff at Sankanac.

Prayer Requests
  • Pray that God will continue to provide financially for them
  • For Camp Sankanac as they continue to reach kids for Christ
  • For The Call Outdoors for safety traveling & gathering hunting footage for their YouTube channel & the TV show.
  • Building relationships with the support staff each summer at camp
  • That God will use TCO to reach men for Christ. 

Jorge & alice pratas

Int. Sports Ministries, Mozambique

Jorge and Alice Pratas, serve in Mozambique. Jorge’s work involves Bible studies for soccer teams, Chaplain of a professional soccer team, strategic planning with churches for sports ministries, training to enable sports ministry for street children, ministry to hospitalized children & orphans.

Prayer Requests
  • Opportunities to teach & train church leaders on sports ministry, teaching models and the Great Commission
  • Opportunities to share the Gospel during athletic events they sponsor in the cities
  • Alice ministering to those in the hospital
  • Mariana and Raquel at Taylor University
  • Young leaders from rural communities for continued deep desire to serve & that Jorge will be used in their lives.

Heather Rumley

Bethesda Outreach Min. Int. (BOMI)

Heather teaches elementary age students at Jabulane Christian Academy, South Africa. The school is part of the Bethesda Children’s Village which includes foster families of children whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS.

Prayer Requests
  • For salvation & ongoing growth in the hearts & lives of our students
  • That students & teachers will grow in our love & amazement of our great God
  • Churches meet the spiritual and physical needs of orphans more effectively
  • For the 170 students at our school that they will come to know Jesus personally
  • For the foster parents at Bethesda Outreach in S. Africa that God’s continued love & strength is shown to the children.


OC International (USA) 
raysanford@oci.org, dianesanford@oci.org 

Ray and Diane serve over 500 missionaries through their headquarters at OC International in Colorado Springs, CO. Ray is Executive Vice-President of the missions agency, while Diane keeps the mail going out to missionaries and their families.

Prayer Requests
  • God wll use them remotely moving missions forward through tech God nology.
  • Changes in OC will attract young people into global missions
  • Lord will send out workers
  • God will help us settle into our new ministry home location
  • Guidance in support and care for Diane’s Parents 

Dave & Brielle Stallard

(Ella, Jordan)
Camp Sankanac (USA)

Dave and Brielle work at Camp Sankanac and with The Call Outdoors. The TCO ministry hunting seminars and game dinners are a way to present the gospel & build friendships with people who enjoy hunting. Brielle works at Camp Sankanac as the Office Administrator.

Prayer Requests
  • For game dinners & other speaking opportunities
  • Sharing the Gospel through game dinners
  • Traveling mercies
  • National TV: for the partnership TCO has with Hitman TV on the Pursuit channel
  • Dave’s Sports Ministry at Sankanac
  • God’s continued provision for the family. 

Byron & amy straughn

(Graeme, Elinore, Jane)


Byron, Amy and family are Cru, whose vision is spiritual movements everywhere , so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.

Prayer Requests
  • Pray Amy and Byron as they mentor young missionaries in North Africa.
  • Pray that our leaders and labor would grow in humility, expressed in prayer.
  • Pray that our trained staff would courageously, clearly and wisely cross boundaries with the gospel.
  • Pray for Arab students in Philadelphia to hear the Good News while they are here briefly in our country.  

Josh & Jen Park

(Delaney and Will)
Branch Life Church
Lead Planter and Teaching Pastor

Josh and Jen Park hearts are to see people in the Pottstown community and the Philadelphia area be Connected to Christ and reaching our World.  

Prayer Requests
  • Secure a church location in the North Coventry Area
  • 75 – 100 people to join our core team
  • Fundraising for startup costs and pastoral team needs. ($300,000)
  • For many Disciples to be Made (baptized and taught)  in the Pottstown area!
  • Future leaders to be trained up to start more churches to reach the Philly and the NorthEast area! 

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