Our Sunday morning CLASSES are a series of core classes designed with Discipleship in mind. It is through discipleship, Christians come to look more and more like Christ (2 Cor. 3:18). More Specifically, these classes: ground us in basic disciplines, improve our understanding of scripture, expose us to church history and theology, apply God’s wisdom to our relationships, and teach us how to engage the world as Christians. If you would like more information about any of the current classes being offered please call the church office.

Our Spring 2024 classes begin April 7th.  Register below!

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Spring 2024 Classes

Sundays at 10:00AM – beginning 4/7

Understanding of Islam

Timotheus Paul | Gym  *Begins 4/14

These sessions aim to provide a comprehensive exploration of the principles, beliefs, and practices that form the foundation of Islam. And most importantly, what can a person do to reach a Muslim for Jesus Christ.

The Christian and Politics (Part 2)

Pastor Brian Fuller | Auditorium

Should churches exert any influence in politics? Should pastors preach about political questions? Is there only one ‘Christian’ position on political issues? Does the Bible teach anything about how people should vote? And election seasons (like 2024!) can cause division on a variety of issues. But what happens when you disagree with someone in your local church community? We will endeavor to answer these questions and more during this two-part Sunday class. In a world where religion is more and more private and faith is fine as long as it isn’t shared, many would seek to keep God out of their politics. But is that right, and is it Biblical? Please join us!

1 Timothy

Phil Sturgill, Bob Ault, Bill McNamara | Room 106

The book of 1 Timothy was written by Paul to Timothy whom he had send to the church at Ephesus to be the pastor. While Paul had complete trust in Timothy, he warned against sinister developments in the Ephesian church that Timothy would face. The main problem was false teachers. Paul’s message in 1 Timothy, in addition to false teachers, is sound teaching based on the Gospel, the responsibilities, and qualifications of church leaders, appropriate conduct for Christians, and guarding the church’s reputation in the world. We can use Paul’s message in this letter to determine if a church today is following scripture in their structure, leadership, and conduct.

Biblical View of Humanity

Harry Fletcher | Room 108

“When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?” ~Psalm 8:3-4
This study seeks to answer the question, “What is man?” from a Biblical perspective. We will consider the ORIGINS, the IMAGE, and the PURPOSE of humanity.


Raising Sexually Faithful Kids

Pastor Matt Ostrow | Room TBD

As parents, it is our God given responsiblity to disciple our children in every category of life, including sex and sexuality. For many, that’s a daunting task, but here’s the reality. If we don’t someone else will. In Raising Sexually Faithful Kids, we will use Harvest USA’s helpful online course to answer some of these big questions:

1) What is God’s design for sexuality and why do we struggle with sexual sin?
2) How can you talk about sex and sexuality in age-appropriate ways?
3) How can you navigate technology and guide your kids when they’re struggling with sinful sexual behaviors?

Whether you have young children or teens, whether you are already implementing a plan or have no clue where to start, I hope you can join us as we learn together how to navigate this relevant topic with our kids.

Starting Point

John Bitzer | Conference Room

This study is for anyone considering church membership or just wanting to know more about EBBC. We will cover our church history, our church governance and constitution, as well as, what we believe. In addition there is a 4 week Bible study on the character of God called The Exchange. This class will run for 8 weeks (4 weeks about EBBC and 4 weeks The Exchange) over the course of 9-10 weeks. 


Baptism Class

Pastor Joe Bolduc | Room 107

Have you trusted in Christ’s death and resurrection for your salvation, but haven’t been baptized as a believer? You are invited to a four-week baptism class starting April 7th in Room 107. We would like to slow it down and really soak in the gospel as we study baptism. To help us do that, we will be following a four-week study from Mez McConnell called Preparing for Baptism ( a free copy will be provided to each student who attends). Here are the major topics we will cover over the four weeks: 1. Why should we bother anyway? 2. Am I ready for baptism? 3. Preparing for your big day and 4. Running the race. We do ask that children under twelve be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian. There is no obligation for anyone who attends the class to be baptized.


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