Our Sunday morning CLASSES are a series of core classes designed with Discipleship in mind. It is through discipleship, Christians come to look more and more like Christ (2 Cor. 3:18). More Specifically, these classes: ground us in basic disciplines, improve our understanding of scripture, expose us to church history and theology, apply God’s wisdom to our relationships, and teach us how to engage the world as Christians. If you would like more information about any of the current classes being offered please call the church office.


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Fall 2022 Classes

Sundays at 10:00AM

On Christian Liberty: When Christians Disagree

Pastor Brian Fuller | Auditorium

In this Sunday  class we will explore that part of Christian living in which the Scriptures don’t directly address.  What about lifestyle decisions about which God neither condemns nor commends in Scripture?  In this class we will explore how to disagree without being disagreeable.

The Book of James

 Phil Sturgill, Dain Sutton, Bob Ault | Quad room 106

The Book of James is an intensely practical book.  It is filled with exhortations to Christians about the way we should live our lives in a sinful world.  Some of the themes we will address in our study are: persevering under trial, not favoring the rich and powerful, hearing and doing the Word, and taming the tongue.  We pray that this study will help us live faithfully as followers of Jesus.

Prayers of Jesus: Listening & Learning to Pray from the Master

Pastors Matt Ostrow and Joe Bolduc | Quad room 108

Nothing sheds more light on the heart of a man than to hear him pray.  During our time together each Sunday we will be spending time examining the different prayers of Jesus, listening to His heart and getting to know Him better as we grow in our corporate prayer life.

Women's Inductive Bible Study: Nehemiah

Erica Brumbach | Quad room 105

Is it possible for one person to make a difference?  As much as your heart wants to say “yes”, your mind is probably saying, “No, not really. The problems are too large and too complex to be addressed and changed by just one person.”  In this Bible study through Nehemiah, you will see that god can take one individual and make a difference.  One person following hard after the one true God.  One individual making a difference. 


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