Our Sunday morning CLASSES are a series of core classes designed with Discipleship in mind. It is through discipleship, Christians come to look more and more like Christ (2 Cor. 3:18). More Specifically, these classes: ground us in basic disciplines, improve our understanding of scripture, expose us to church history and theology, apply God’s wisdom to our relationships, and teach us how to engage the world as Christians. If you would like more information about any of the current classes being offered please call the church office.


Spring Classes begin April 3rd. 

Questions?   Contact Pastor Joe Bolduc at


Spring 2022 Classes 

Sundays at 9:30AM

The Gospel of Mark

Pastor Matt Ostrow | Old Library

In Mark we will discover a short but challenging account of the gospel that radically reshapes the way we think about life as disciples of Jesus. We get a front row seat to the blunders of Jesus’ very human disciples, the hard hearts of Jesus’ opponents, and the amazing and transforming grace of Jesus himself. Mark reveals to us the upside-down nature of the kingdom of God and rushes us to the cross to magnify the unexpected servant king. If you’re craving to know more about Jesus and what it means to follow him, Mark is for you.

Engaging the Atheist

 Dr. Gordon Eck | Gymnasium

A 1966 Time magazine cover was provocatively titled Is God Dead? It was based on the prevalent narrative that scientific progress made God obsolete. But a funny thing happend on the way to God’s funeral. Over the last several decades irrefutable evidence from the fields of cosmology, physics, and archaeology actually validate the record of creation and the God described in the Bible.

Join us as we compare and contrast the theistic and atheistic worldviews examine the overwhelming evidence for God, and lay out an approach to engage the atheist with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Beginning of the World: Genesis 1-11

Pastor Brian Fuller | Sanctuary

It’s nearly impossible to overemphasize the importance of the first eleven chapters of the Book of Genesis. How did God create life on earth? Did God set up the laws of nature so that they would slowly build and modify organisms over millions of years, without any supernatural intervention? Were the creation days six, literal, 24-hour days? Were Adam and Eve real, historical persons? Was the flood local or global? Come ready to take a deep dive into this foundational section of God’s Word.

Starting Point

Pastor Joe Bolduc | Room 106

Have you been thinking about membership at EBBC? Are you curious about our Covenant, Constitution, and statement of Faith? Join Pastor Joe Bolduc for a 4 week Starting Point class where he will be discussing these topics and more.


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