Baptism is a sign. It is a moment when you put on publicly the “Jesus-follower team jersey.” Baptism is commanded by Jesus (Matthew 28:18-20). There are three major questions that help us answer “What is Baptism?”.

First, Why Be Baptized?

The primary reason why a believer should be baptized is because Jesus commanded it! This command is combined with two other elements of “making disciples” in what has been called the “Great Commission.” Going and sharing the Gospel, Teaching them the Bible, and Baptizing them are all participles that define what it means to make disciples.

Secondly, Who should be baptized?

According to the book of Acts, the answer to this question is only believers (Acts 2:41). In fact, you see this formula throughout the Book of Acts, “they believed and were baptized.” As Baptists, like our forefathers, the anabaptists, we believe in believers’ baptism.

Finally, How should a person be baptized?

Well, the word baptizo in Greek means “to immerse, dunk, overwhelm, or to dip into dye.” Interestingly, the word was not translated but rather transliterated. Perhaps the reason is because the Church of England was sprinkling at the time of translation? Had they translated the word rather than transliterated it, perhaps we would be called something different. Maybe, instead of East Brandywine Baptist Church, we would be East Brandywine Dunking Church? It’s kind of fun to think about. But, the other, more theological reason, we totally immerse believers in baptism is because it pictures our identification with Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. (Romans 6:1-4)

So to take those three questions/answers to understand what baptism is, you will now understand why we say certain statements when we baptize a believer:

“In obedience to the command of Jesus, and because of your profession of trust in Christ, I baptized you my brother/sister in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

Baptism Videos

Why do we record baptism videos?

One of the most powerful aspects of baptism at East Brandywine Baptist Church is the process of giving your testimony on the video that is shown right before your baptism. This is a great way for people to hear your testimony, which is also known as your personal story (Your experience of coming to know Christ, explaining how God has impacted, and is impacting your life). Through video, the congregation gets the opportunity to witness God’s power in a real person’s life. Your testimony is stronger than you might think! Click the link below for more information


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