ebbcCLASSES are a series of core classes that we desire all our members and regular attendees to successfully complete. The classes vary in topic: Old Testament & New Testament Survey, Evangelism, Parenting, Marriage, Church Membership, Biblical Theology.

ebbcCLASSES  meet at 9:45 on Sunday mornings.


2020 ebbcCLASSES

Winter / Summer 2020

Meaning of Marriage | Luke and Rachel Balinski.

This class is to give both married and unmarried people a vision for what marriage is according to the Bible.

The DNA of EBBC | Brian Fuller

This 12-week class will rehearse the rich history of EBBC, what it means to be a Baptist, how we are governed, why we preach through the Bible like we do, what regulative worship on a Lord’s Day looks like, and more!

The Art of Neighboring | Joe Bolduc 

We will learn how the practice of neighboring creates incredible opportunities for us as believers to connect our stories to the stories of our neighbors and to God’s story.

Revelation | Mike Stallard 

This teaching time will include an introduction to the book of Revelation and an exposition of selected sections and issues in the last book of the Bible. Included will be a presentation of the proper use of this book for Christian living and defense of the faith.

Spring / Fall 2020

Apologetics: Defending the Faith | Matt Ostrow, Mike Stallard, John Bitzer | Gym Foyer

While the Christian lives by faith, it is not a blind faith. As Erik Raymond said, “Faith is not a blind leap in a dark room hoping there’s a floor. It’s unseen, but it’s based upon the God who has revealed himself.” In this course, we will consider the evidence revealed by God in order to answer questions that inspire doubt. For example, does God exist? Is the Bible reliable? Is Creation a myth? Was Jesus just a man? By considering the evidence and answering these questions, believers will be strengthened in their faith and learn to defend their faith in a secular culture.

Basics of Biblical Counseling | Brian Fuller | Auditorium 

Are Christians competent to counsel one another? What role does psychology play in the life of a Christian? What methods should be used to help others deal with their struggles Biblically? The last quarter of our time together we will address common counseling issues like peacemaking, anger/abuse, depression, worry/anxiety/fear, temptation, marriage, parenting, knowing God’s will, etc. Please consider joining us!

How to Study the Bible | Byron Straughn | Room 108

Pursuing God Together through the Bible
Each week we’ll introduce and use different tools that enable us to study and apply various portions of the Bible. If you’d like to learn a process for studying or helping others to study the Bible, please join us. This class will feel more like a workshop than a lecture, so be ready to engage with others as we learn together, sharing our discoveries and application. By attending, you’re committing to 60-90 minutes of reading, preparation or reflection during the week. Bring a hard copy Bible.

Parenting: Foundations of a Godly Home | Joe and Kelly Bolduc | Room 107

“Every family home is built on a foundation. Some foundations are built on rock and can stand, while other foundations are built on sand and crumble. In this brand-new parenting seminar, pastor and best-selling author Dr. Paul David Tripp will outline the required tools needed to build your home on solid ground. He will help your family implement the beliefs, values, words, and actions that are foundational to a Godly home.” Join Kelly and Joe as they facilitate this Video Seminar by Paul Tripp, as well as, lead in discussion and prayer.

Coming in 2021
• Gospel of Mark
• Ecclesiastes
• Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood
• Church History
• How We Got Our Bible
• Cults and False Religions
• Counseling

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