ebbcCLASSES are a series of core classes that we desire all our members and regular attendees to successfully complete. The classes vary in topic: Old Testament & New Testament Survey, Evangelism, Parenting, Marriage, Church Membership, and Biblical Theology.


Fall 2021 CLASSES

How Do We Know We Can Trust the Bible? | Mike Stallard

This class will explore some of the questions people ask concerning the Bible. Ultimately, since the Word of God is our source of authority, believers must have absolute trust that they possess a clear word from the Lord. In answering the proposed questions, we will help believers strengthen their faith in the teachings of the Bible.

    Several Questions to be Answered and Discussed

1.How do we know the Bible we have is the right Bible (Old Testament)?

2. How do we know the Bible we have is the right Bible (New Testament)?

3. What does the Bible say we can know about God without a Bible? (natural revelation)

4. Does the Bible contradict itself? Part 1

5. Does the Bible contradict itself? Part 2

6. Does the Bible contradict reality?

7. How do we know the Bible is from God?

8. What does the Bible say about the Bible?

9. Is the Bible clear?

10. Has the Bible been preserved?

Love and Respect | Pastor Joe and Kelly Bolduc

This is a 10 week DVD study with Dr. Emerson Eggerichs based on two simple ideas found in Ephesians 5:33: Love and Respect. When a husband and a wife gain insight on Love and Respect, it revolutionizes their marriage. Who doesn’t need exhortation and encouragement in this vital relationship? Pastor Joe and Kelly Bolduc will be leading this class that will include spending time praying and discussing in small groups.

The Believer and the Sexual Revolution | Pastor Brian Fuller 

In this ebbcCLASS you will be equipped to think Biblically, stand courageously, and speak compassionately about abortion, LGBTQA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Asexual, Other), gender theory, and the current politicization of sex.

The Gospel of Mark | Keith Patton

“I read in a book where a man called Christ went about doing good. It is very disconcerting to me that I am so easily satisfied with just going about.”

The book of Mark. The shortest. The first. Filled with Action. We will study the Gospel of Mark to see again the wonder of forgiveness, the hope of restoration, and the cross-shape of rejection. Mark is also focused on the disciples’ responses to Jesus-in all their raw, uncensored glory. Mark is about how you can be a disciple. The challenge that Jesus presents to us in the book of Mark involves breaking out of those patterns of self-absorption, realizing who Jesus is and giving ourselves in service and love to others as His disciple. Get ready for Discipleship 101!

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